About us

Private company founded in 1989

We have 3 acquired patents and 6 pending patents with around 24 registered trademarks in the national industrial chemical market, all working cohesively to deliver a quality service to the world.

Certified in ISO 9001 - 2015, we transcend the importance of the environment and its care.

Mak values

  • Client priority
  • Care for the environment
  • Service commitment
  • Serve and win-win
  • Innovation as a result of creativity continual improvement
  • Reliable and documented processes


Service attitude

Loyalty and integrity

Effective communication

Results oriented


Punctuality and order



Our people

Proudly Mak values

Our people are the basis for the effective performance of LUBRIMAK CORPORATIVO SA DE CV

Academic and human training makes us capable of creating the impossible and accomplish daily work with quality of excellence, which generates an extraordinary and transcendent service as a result.

Our staff proudly represents Mak values, providing our customers with quality and excellent products and services.